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A School Where You Learn How to Make Moonshine

January 20th, 2014

Because you can’t learn everything about making illegal hootch in your bathtub from late-night reruns of Moonshiners (even if you take copious notes and are missing multiple teeth), Moonshine University is offering hands-on classes to learn the ins and outs of making white lightning. You’ll learn everything from mashing, to fermenting, to hiding your still in the woods to elude ATF and local law enforcement… JK! That’d be insane, right?! No, but seriously, they’ll walk you through how to legally distill your own craft spirits. { Read More }

5-Day Distiller Course Graduate Charlene Rooke Shares Her Experience

January 15th, 2014

“I reckon it is creeping up on 10 a.m. – the hot autumn sun is just chasing the chill from this converted garage – when I first dip a finger into the almost 90-proof (45-per-cent alcohol) booze trickling off the copper still. The liquid has some wicked, not-ready-for-bottling flavours: Do I detect notes of model-airplane glue, exploded Bic pen and overripe fruit?

This is the art of spirits distillation: taking what are called the “heads” and “tails” cuts off the distilling run and saving only the “hearts,” the clean-tasting portion that is free of most undesirable chemical compounds. It’s something I turn out to be pretty good at, and just one of the complex set of skills taught at Louisville’s Moonshine University, an intensive immersion in the business, science and art of distilling…” { Read More }

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