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Starting a distillery? There’s a lot to know

August 7th, 2014

If you plan to get into the distilling business, you’ll likely run into a few questions along the way.

There are the big ones you’ll have to answer first: Where should your business be located? How much product do you want at the start, and what kind of equipment will you need to make it?

There are not-so-obvious questions too: The label is important, for instance. Do you know who’s going to design that? Have you figured out how big of a label you can print on a bottle?

I got a taste of some of these questions last week as I sat in on a session at Moonshine University— a seven-day course on the ins and outs of the distilling business that is held quarterly at The Distilled Spirits Epicenter on Eighth Street in downtown Louisville. { Read Article }

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