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Stave & Thief Society Aims to Educate On All Things Bourbon

April 17th, 2015

Ever asked a bartender for a bourbon, only to have a bottle of Jack Daniels land in front of you?

Most of us have. The misinformation goes beyondthat whiskey faux pas though. I once found myself in a heated argument about the rules of bourbon that I thought might come to fisticuffs. Granted, this bartender worked at the TGI Friday’s at the Dallas airport, but still. The conversation went something like this:

Him: Bourbon has to come from Kentucky.

Me: It doesn’t actually have to come from Kentucky.

Him: It’s my job to know, I promise it does.

Me: “I promise it doesn’t … oh never mind.” {Read Article}

Whiskey a Snow-Go

April 9th, 2015

We hadn’t planned on visiting the 10th Mountain Whiskey Spirit Company in Vail, Colorado. If I hadn’t got the lurgy on my third day of what was originally a five-night visit to town, then I would have already been back home safe and sound in Sydney wishing I was still in Colorado.

But I did get the lurgy, and I did delay my flight home by a day which set into action a chain of fortuitous events that ended with a dinner table of Germans with a sense of humor (I know, I know) served by a Moldavian without one, followed by an impromptu rickshaw ride across Vail village to the doors of the newly opened 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company tasting room.

Not just any whiskey tasting room either, a room dedicated to a locally produced quaff that includes a corn bourbon, a charred oak barrel rye whiskey and a vanilla, peach and sage Alpenglow alco-cordial. Lucky for me and my liver, they also produce a potato vodka and a Colorado clear grain moonshine. { Read Article }

KET Video: Moonshine University | Louisville Life

April 7th, 2015

watch this video on

They call themselves the Ivy League of spirits—the Distilled Spirits Epicenter takes distilling so seriously they’ve created Moonshine University. We’ll explore this Louisville educational experience aimed at taking moonshining out of the hollers and into the classroom!

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