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The Whiskey Wash: Kentucky’s Moonshine University Getting Busy In 2016

December 18th, 2015

If you’re serious about becoming a professional in the beverage alcohol industry—as in making and selling your own—then you’ll want to scan the 2016 schedule of classes at Moonshine University in Louisville, Kentucky.

Not that recreational moonshining didn’t teach many an accomplished professional distiller how the craft works, but these classes, held at the Distilled Spirits Epicenter, cover everything you need to know about the business of spirits production and marketing.

Created by renowned beverage expert and flavor scientist David Dafoe, the workshops provide an outlet for specialization and continued education in the distilling field. Expect hands-on sessions that’ll take you in the still room grinding grain, pumping beer into the still, pumping stillage out, and tasting distillate as it spills into the parrot. Those activities are complemented by detailed and interactive classroom sessions taught by the 60-member DSE staff and a rotating list of spirits experts and master distillers.

Pete teaching | Whiskey Wash| 2016

Pete Kamer, distilling instructor at Moonshine University, demonstrates how to use a hydrometer. Photo by Stephen Coomes.

According to Colin Blake, a Moonshine University faculty member and creative director, since classes began in 2013, more than 400 people have journeyed from 38 states and 11 foreign countries to attend its classes. It’s the exclusive education provider for the Kentucky Distillers Association, and it’s the only intensive distilling workshop in the U.S. offering college credit. And who said booze and school didn’t go together! {Read Article}

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