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Defining Rhum Agricole

November 18th, 2020

Written by Luis Ayala, Founder of Rum Central, Got Rum? magazine & The Rum University; Originally published in Got Rum? magazine (November 2016)

If you walk into the average North American or European bar and ask a dozen patrons what a “Rhum Agricole” is, then you are likely to receive just as many different answers.


There’s Magic at the Stave Mill: The Ramoneda Brothers

November 11th, 2020

Written by Shelley Sackier, Director of Distillery Education, Reservoir Distillery

“You can see the piece within the piece.”

I know that might sound a tad cryptic, but this was a phrase uttered nearly simultaneously by both Vic Ramoneda and his employee, Bill DiSantis, as we all bent over a freshly cut plank of wood in the Ramoneda Brothers Stave Mill in Culpeper, Virginia.

“Do you mean like Michelangelo and the whole, ‘The sculpture is already complete—it’s there in that block of marble’ kind of thing?” I asked them both.

I laughed. They nodded politely at the joke. And then agreed, “Exactly.”


Finishing Your Spirit With Filtration: Plate & Frame Filter Press or Lenticular Housing?

November 4th, 2020

Written by Nathan Kreel, PhD, Technical Sales Representative, and Mui Lay, Product Manager, Gusmer Enterprises

There are many different options and strategies for finishing a product through filtration. Each step is met with a balance of cost, time, product stability, and acceptance of the outcome. Filtration can be performed on any spirit of any age, blend, and formulated combination thereof, and doing so is dependent on the aforementioned factors. To understand filtration, it is important to understand what the product to be filtered is, the filtration media and application, and the desired product coming out at this stage in production.


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