The Art + Science of Distilling

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Enzymes: The Worker Bees of Fermentation

January 27th, 2021

Written by Andrew Fratianni, Senior Application Specialist – Brewing & Distilling Enzymes, DuPont

Shiny copper stills, “white dog,” and rare, $3,000-a-bottle bourbon get all the glory, but there are a few unsung heroes that make it all possible. In addition to the distillers who toil ‘round the clock, there is yeast and then there are enzymes.


Thinking Beyond Brand Icon: Packaging Your Product

January 13th, 2021

Written by Jason Dobson, Business & Creative Director, Contagious UK

I have always understood the desirability that great packaging can deliver to new brands; from our portfolio, Karizuwa Japanese Whiskey and Lind & Lime Gin are great examples that come to mind. But in response to new shopper habits— like an increase in omni-channel and at-home experiences— the bar has been raised on this front for new brands just now entering the fray.


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