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Scent Memories vs. The Communal Lexicon: Bringing Objectivity into Sensory

February 24th, 2021


Written by Liz Rhoades, Founder & Principal, Spirit Safe Consulting, LLC

Traveling down the sinuous path from olfactory epithelium to the cognitive mainframe are neuron-transmitted fragments of sensed information. Aromatic detections are translated into tangible descriptors facilitated by learned psychological associations called scent memories.

Everyone has a mental reference book of the smells of their lives which are often tied to specific memories relevant to us, but largely incomprehensible to others.


11 Questions with Barrel Aging Experts, Andrew Wiehebrink & Gregg Snyder

February 10th, 2021

Have you ever thought about making your own whiskey? Did you know that barrel aging contributes a majority of a whiskey’s flavor? That’s right—and it’s also reason enough to warrant a whole curriculum on the art and science of aging spirits.

Ahead of Moonshine University’s next Barrel Aging Workshop, we talked to experts Andrew Wiehebrink of Independent Stave Company and Gregg Snyder of Distilled Spirits Consulting to get the inside scoop on maturation, how they built their careers around their passion, and what lies ahead for the distilling industry.


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