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5 Tips for Building Better Wine & Spirits Brands

July 28th, 2021

Written by Scott Rosenbaum, Ah So Insights. Originally published here.

Humans are creatures of habit. The heuristics (or mental shortcuts) we use to guide our decisions are so consistent across large populations that, given certain circumstances, human behavior is relatively predictable.1

There are numerous models of heuristics, but what is implicitly baked into every one is the notion that people prefer to use as little mental energy as possible when making a choice. Thinking is work. Decisions fatigue us.2 This is especially true when it comes to shopping—when offered too many choices, people freak out.


Lock, Stock & Barrel; Going All In With Your Cooper

July 14th, 2021

Written by Shelley Sackier, Director of Distillery Education, Reservoir Distillery

I could write countless articles on the topic of flavor. I could say that as we understand the term today, an easy formula to define it would be scent + taste = flavor.

Or I could argue that biologically speaking, flavor isn’t determined only within the oral and nasal cavities; rather it includes parts of the brain, as well as a person’s sensory memories, personalized palate, and other internalizations. Really, I like to think of the equation for flavor as a list of five ingredients: we’ll keep scent and taste, but we’ll also add a dash of touch, past experiences, and expectations. Now that’s flavor.


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