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Distilling for Good: Leaning into CSR

August 25th, 2021

Written by Aspen Grender, Certified Bourbon Steward & Communications Strategist at The University of Kansas

Those working in the distilled spirits sector have long recognized the importance of corporate social responsibility (or CSR)—and for good reason. As an intensely scrutinized and meticulously regulated industry that’s inherently tied to the land and natural resources, distilling and CSR are inextricably interwoven in a multitude of important ways.

In light of recent market trends, as well as quickly-changing consumer expectations and the rapid pace of information sharing, it’s now more important than ever for distillers to amplify their commitment to CSR. Here are three observations to consider as you evaluate and build out your current and future CSR initiatives:


How to Showcase Your Spirits Through Cocktails

August 11th, 2021

Written by Dan Callaway, Vice President – Hospitality & Product Development, Bardstown Bourbon Company

There’s no shame in using your favorite Bourbon to make a Manhattan, in dissolving the implied separation between top shelf and cocktail pours. In fact, some of my favorite drinks celebrate their base spirit; they enliven core flavors and build structure around an existing profile, ultimately creating something original.


No, Hard Seltzer Isn’t Dead—Here’s Why

August 4th, 2021

Written by Scott Rosenbaum, Ah So Insights. Originally published here

Recent reports of the death of hard seltzer are greatly exaggerated. Here are three articles that show the media’s prioritization of eye-catching, “punny” headlines over accuracy: “Hard seltzer boom goes flat,” “Hard seltzer slump hits hard,” and “In focus: Is the hard seltzer boom starting to fizzle out?”

A casual perusal of these and other headlines would leave one with the seemingly innocuous takeaway—“hard seltzer: it was an interesting fad while it lasted.” However, this is an inaccurate picture of what’s actually going on as “the hard seltzer sector continues to grow apace in absolute terms.” So, let’s break down how this happened and how the concept of overfitting explains why we mistake headlines for news…


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