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Aroma Academy & Moonshine University® Sensory Training

Moonshine University® is happy to partner with Aroma Academy on this class that is a much-needed, yet often underutilized skill for spirits enthusiasts and experts alike.


Come learn the art of nosing and aromas from Alan Gordon, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Aroma Academy, the world’s leading provider of customized aroma kits and aroma training. In this day-long course you will be lead through your custom aroma kit to start learning how to dissect that base components of many of the world’s popular spirits, from whiskey, to rum, to gin.


  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Aroma Recognition
  • The Sense of Smell : an overview
  • Introduction to how Aromas/Flavors behave
  • Aroma/Flavor Vocabulary
  • Olfactory Practice : Aroma Recognition “A to Z”
  • Aroma/Flavor Profiling
  • Linking Aroma/Flavor Profiles to Specific Drinks
  • The Chemistry of Aromas : an introduction
  • Aroma/Flavor “Faults”
  • Introduction to Sensory Competency Program
  • Summary


This class will help you hone your nose to be able to pick out individual characteristics from spirits and arm you with the knowledge you need to become better over time, along with the knowledge of best practices for doing sensory on spirits.

TUITION: $500.00 USD


  • All class-related materials
  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments

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