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Brandy Workshop


Learn about all aspects of the brandy making process, including equipment selection, raw material selection, sourcing, processing, fermentation, and distillation.  A wide array of aging and maturation techniques are covered. Proper sensory analysis techniques as well as in-depth discussions about the world’s various brandy traditions and techniques will give students the tools necessary to best approach making a world-class brandy distillate.


  • Introduction to Brandy
    • What is Brandy?
    • Brandy-styles and TTB definitions
    • Brandy sales trends
  • General Production Principles
    • Raw Materials
      • Harvest conditions
      • Harvest fruit handling
      • Crush pad equipment
      • Fruit processing and must preparation
    • Fermentation
      • Chemical parameters
      • Yeast and yeast selection
      • Fermenter considerations
      • Fermentation protocols
      • Sur-lie
    • Distillation
      • Principles and overview
      • Distillation equipment
      • Distillation styles
      • Basic distillation protocol
    • Maturation and post distillation flavor adjustment
      • Maturation principles
      • Container considerations
      • Cooperage
    • Finishing and Processing
      • Blending
      • Proofing
      • Color adjustment
    • Sensory Analysis
    • Brandy Styles and Traditions In-depth
      • German/Austrian Eau de vie
      • American brandy
        • Column still
        • Craft brandys
        • Applejack
      • French
        • Cognac
        • Calvados
        • Armagnac
        • Marc
      • Italian Grappa
      • South America
        • Peruvian Pisco
        • Chilean “Pisco”
        • Singani


To provide students with the background knowledge necessary to distill quality brandy, using quality source materials and equipment.

TUITION: $1,995.00 USD


  • All class-related materials
  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments daily
  • Networking reception Thursday evening
  • Transportation between the Brown Hotel and Moonshine University


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