Distilled Spirits University

Our Distilled Spirits University offers courses that appeal to the widest possible audience for a given topic, and we realize that they sometimes don’t perfectly fit the needs of every possible student. Therefore, we are extremely flexible in putting together custom curriculums to fit your needs: Say you want to get members of your production team ‘leveled up’ on fermentation, distillation, and TTB compliance, which are all topics covered in our 6-Day Distiller Course, but don’t need them to learn about planning the layout of your distillery or COLAs (or the scores of other topics covered in the 6-Day). We can pull together a one- to two-day course going as deep as you want just on those topics. That’s just one example. Basically, if we cover it in any of our standard courses, we can build a class around it, just for you.

To discuss, contact Colin Blake at (502)301-8135 or colin@moonshineuniversity.com

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