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Welcome to the Moonshine U EQUIPMENT page!

Looking for used or reconditioned equipment? While it will disappear quickly, it can be found – and sometimes we hear about it at Moonshine U. We are very excited to be able to share this informatin with you, our attendees and connected industry professionals.

Two things to keep in mind: 1, This page will be updated only with new content, so please be sure to check the date of any post you are interested in. 2, The point of contact listed is the person you should contact. In each case, we don’t know more about the equipment than what we have listed, and as such, would not be the best entity to reach out to regarding anything listed on this page.

Thank you, and happy hunting!

Date of post: 7/16/19

Point of Contact: Steve Thompson, Ascendant Distillery

Contact Details: 502-494-9841


-750 gallon round silo style stainless steel mash cooker w/ steam coil, direct steam sparge, and agitator – $32,000

-500 gallon charge copper batch still system w/ agitator, side mounted column assembly (including 6 bubble cap trays, dephlegmator, stainless steel gin basket, condenser, and hourglass shaped receiving tank) – $145,000

(4) 543 gallon square jacketed stainless steel fermentation tanks w/ “conical” bottoms

(2) 550 gallon square stainless steel storage “tote style” tanks – $24,000

GD-7H Chiller w/ 8 10’ hoses, brass quick connect fittings, 4 ranco ETC units, and ASCO 1’’ solenoid valves – $10,000


Rite 25 HP low pressure low NOX steam boiler, freshly retubed, with high pressure blowdown tank, water reservoir tank, and NG pressure reducers – $23,000

52gpm ARO pneumatic diaphragm pump mounted to stainless steel cart, w/ 1.5’’ TC ports – $3,000

130gpm Jabsco SQN 130  flexible impeller pump mounted to a stainless steel cart w/ VFD control unit, 35’ corded remote, and 2.5’’ TC ports – $4,800

10’, 15’, 20’, 25’, 30’ lengths of 2’’ Tudertechnica Distillery hoses

(2) 10’ lengths of 3’’ Tudertechnica Distiller hoses – $3,000

Mori 6 nozzle table top stainless steel gravity filler w/ ARO pneumatic pump and inline 20’’ stainless steel cartridge filter housing

4 head closed loop bottle rinser w/ stainless steel reservoir tank, ARO pneumatic pump, and inline 20’’ stainless steel cartridge filter housing – $8,500

Ferrinox EKO-10 labeler with tapered and square bottle change parts – $5,500

48”x48” 5000 lb floor scales w/ digital displays – $1,000






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