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Route to Market – I’ve Got Whiskey…Now What?


I’ve got a product…now what?

Getting to the marketplace has always been a challenge for the small entrepreneur in any industry.  Stiff competition, dynamic pricing, global giants and product saturation are only some of the hurdles that are set for the small craft distiller in 2018.  But the good news is this: this is the golden age of whiskey and spirits, at no other time in America’s history has there been so much demand for so many products from so many corners of the world.  And the better news is, there’s a space there for you if you are ready to face the challenge and get to work.



  • The Liquor Industry: an overview
    • Post-Prohibition, 3-tiered and complicated
    • Open markets and control markets
    • Texas and S. Carolina
  • Boil the ocean or fertilize the back yard: how far do I go and when will I know I’m there?
  • What distributors do…and don’t do
    • How to choose one
    • Care and feeding of one
    • Speaking their language
  • Pricing as a competitive tool
    • Nicolas: Pricing workshop
      • FOB – markup – margin – SRP
      • Pricing objections in marketplace
    • Carefully planning my product line
      • Utilizing specials, one-offs and limited editions
    • How to use line extensions effectively to gain market share
    • What does “resources” mean?
      • Time
      • Money
      • People
      • …and do I have enough?
    • How to pick personnel
      • What’s a brand ambassador and why do/don’t I need one
      • Sales v Marketing: stuck in the middle with you
    • My brand’s “narrative” as a competitive tool
      • A “story” is not enough
      • How to activate my narrative in the 3 tiers



To teach and train new distillers the path to market once they have a product ready from their distilling equipment.


TUITION: $1,895.00 USD


  • All class-related materials
  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments daily
  • Networking reception Monday evening
  • Transportation between the Brown Hotel and Moonshine University


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