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Age-ucation: The Inside Scoop on Oak, Aging, Maturation, and Warehousing


Over the last few years, the number one request from our students has been a workshop about oak, aging, and warehousing – and now we have it! We’ve partnered with our friends at Independent Stave Company to put together a class that gives every attendee access to a library of samples and information that you won’t find anywhere else.

This class is taught by Andrew Wiehebrink, Director of Spirits Research & Innovation at Independent Stave Company, and Gregg Snyder, CEO of Distilled Spirits Consulting. Students will receive valuable insights on whiskey maturation, barrel performance, and alternative barrel construction, and explore a variety of aging variables, including entry proof, toast and char profiles, wood species, bottle soaks, and more.

In addition to pulling from 30 experimental barrels and spending time with experts on warehouse management and flavor mapping, students will also receive GC testing data for all factors covered in the course, providing a valuable resource to pair with your newfound knowledge of aging and maturation. To ensure ample opportunity for hands-on learning, this class is limited to 20 attendees, so be sure to register soon and reserve your spot!

Tuition includes all class materials; breakfast, lunch, and refreshments; an invite to First Round at The Brown networking event; and transportation between our contracted hotel and our campus. $2,495

**Early Bird Registration covers your stay at our contracted hotel from the night before Day 1 to the last day of class.


Classroom Instruction

  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Flavor development
  • Product Consistency

Data Analysis

  • Entry proof
  • Toast & char profiles
  • Bottle soaks
  • Wood species
  • Gas Chromatography

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