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Are You Ready for RTD Cocktails?

Ready to Drink cocktails have been booming for some time now.

Brad Nichols, Flavorman’s Director of Business Development, joins us for this hourlong, free webinar to discuss RTDs, including the following topics and more:

  • Ready to Drink Cocktail Categories – ranging from GNS to Whiskey to Tequila to unique bases, like Limoncello.
  • Ready to Drink Cocktail Packaging – Cans, Bottles, Pouches, and items to be aware of in processing and selection.
  • Ready to Drink Cocktail Formulation Process – Best Practices, Specifics of Identifying Formulations: Sweetener(s), Calories, Juice, Label Claims, etc.
  • TTB Compliance / Co-Packaging Aspects / etc.

Wednesday, April 13th, 2022. Free

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Brandy Styles of the World

Brandy is arguably the most diverse spirit category. Moonshine University faculty member and Head Distiller at Distillerie Cote Des Saints Matt Strickland will do an overview on “Brandy Styles of the World”. We’ll talk about Eau de Vie, Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, Pisco (both of them), Grappa, Singani, and more. On-demand, $5.

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Bittersweet Symphony: A Practical Guide to Revealing the Secrets of Amari

The Italian word amaro translates to “bitter,” but the term is often used generically to describe an entire world of spirit types, liqueurs, and concoctions. Perhaps due to the complexities in their flavor, The myriad of methods used to produce them, and our own search for next great thing in spirits, this category continues to grow in popularity.

In this free webinar, our own Distiller and Operations Manager Clay Smith will explore the foundations of developing amari. Extraction, infusion, base spirits, techniques, methodology and most importantly, mindset, usage and intent. On-demand, $5.

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Alternative Grains in Whiskey Making

With the worldwide boom of whiskey, the industry is seeing increasing experimentation in every aspect of whiskey production, including ingredients. In this free webinar led by Distillerie Cote Des Saints’ Head Distiller, Matt Strickland, attendees are invited to a deep dive into alternative grains. On-demand, $5.

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Managing Your Distillery Schedule & Budget

Running a successful distillery requires more than just producing a great product. To optimize your efficiency as a business, it’s important to manage your operation’s budget and schedules effectively. In this webinar led by C&I Engineering, attendees will learn best practices for business management through project controls. On-demand, $5.

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An Introduction To Distillery Chillers

A primary byproduct of distilling is heat—that’s why producers rely on cooling equipment to ensure the success of their operation and quality of their products. In this webinar led by G&D Chillers’ Engineer, Scott Timms, attendees will delve into the ins and outs of this critical equipment, from mechanical chillers to cooling towers. On-demand, $5.

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Financial Trends In The Distilling Industry

When it comes to the distilling industry, there’s no such thing as a crystal ball; however, tracking financial trends alongside trends in the distilling sector can allow us to glean some insights. In this webinar led by CoBank’s Louis McIntire, attendees will get an inside look at 5 years worth of financial data and how to use it to get ahead of the curve.

On-demand, $5.

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An Introduction To Spirits Label Design

A unique label is a fundamental part of defining your spirits brand. To optimize its potential as a brand-building tool as well as ensure regulatory compliance and logistical efficiency, it’s important to understand the printing process and design considerations involved. In this webinar led by Eurostampa North America’s Marketing & Innovation Manager, Andy Bateman, attendees will get a crash course on labeling. On-demand, $5.

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How To Make A Buzz With Honey Spirits

While honey has long been a popular natural sweetener and ingredient for mead, its presence is growing in the spirits sector. In this webinar led by The National Honey Board’s Keith Seiz, attendees will receive a closer look at honey and its applications for making stand-out spirits. On-demand, $5.

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Planning Your Distillery Build For Future Growth

There is no starter kit for launching a distillery because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for opening. In this webinar led by C&I Engineering’s Amanda Barmore and Chad Jasgarszewski, attendees will receive a comprehensive look at what it takes to create a distillery. On-demand, $5.

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Mastering The Art of Secondary Maturation

One of the fastest-growing trends in spirits involves secondary maturation (or finishing). In this webinar led by Independent Stave Company’s Andrew Wiehebrink, attendees will gain key insights into the complex and artful dance involved in creating a unique product with secondary maturation techniques. On-demand, $5.

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Yeast: Optimizing Your Fermentation for Flavor

When it comes to yeast, there is always more to know. In this webinar led by Wilderness Trail Distillery and Ferm Solutions’ Dr. Patrick Heist, attendees will get an advanced look into yeast’s role in fermentation and flavor. On-demand, $5.

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Re-Imagining the Middleman: Spirits Packaging

Before 2020, we designed packaging with the consumer front-of-mind and an unspoken reliance on the middlemen who’d most likely introduce us— the retailer, the bartender, the waiter. In this webinar led by Contagious UK’s Jason Dobson, attendees are invited to rethink the middleman through packaging. On-demand, $5.

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Benefits of Internal Audits: A Distillery How-To

Feel confident and ready for any unexpected visit from local and federal agencies. In this webinar led by Time & Tasks’ Donald Snyder, attendees will gain the knowledge and tools to master the stress of audits. On-demand, $5.

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Agave Spirits: It’s More Than Just Tequila and Mezcal!

Discover why agave spirits present such an exciting frontier. In this webinar led by Fortaleza Tequila’s Kobe Desmet, attendees will get a comprehensive introduction to the ins and outs of the different types of agave spirits on the market. On-demand, $5.

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An Introduction to Absinthe

Explore the world of botanical spirits with a deep dive into one of its most misunderstood gems. In this webinar led by Moonshine University’s Clay Smith, attendees will receive a comprehensive introduction to the ins and outs of absinthe. On-demand, $5.

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An Introduction to Gin Development

Using a broad palette of botanicals, craft distillers are creating unique expressions of gins that stand out on the shelf without needing to spend years in a barrel. In this webinar led by Moonshine University’s Clay Smith, attendees will get a comprehensive look at the art and science of gin production. On-demand, $5.

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What’s the Right Char for Your Whiskey?

The aging process is arguably the most impactful part of a spirit’s flavor development; but when you’re making a new product, years can be a long time to wait to see what kind of profile you’re going to be left with. In this webinar led by Independent Stave Company’s Andrew Wiehebrink, attendees will take the guesswork and worry out of the equation. On-demand, $5.

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Cask Science & Management for Distillers

Learn some of the secrets behind maturing the world’s greatest whiskeys with this deep dive into cask science and management. In this webinar led by Distillerie Cote des Saints’ Matt Strickland, attendees will get an advanced and comprehensive look into the maturation process. On-demand, $5.

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Filtration for Craft Distillers

One of the most overlooked steps in the process, filtration can make or break your finished product. Discover how to get it right. In this webinar led by Gusmer Enterprise’s Nathan Kreel, attendees will get a comprehensive look into filtration with a focus on craft operations. On-demand, $5.

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Spirits Distribution in a Socially Distanced World

In the wake of the current pandemic, the consumer landscape has shifted dramatically. As drinking habits in the US have changed almost overnight, the spirits industry is already finding ways to adjust. In this webinar led by Republic National Distributing Company’s Matt Baugher and Stacy Lauter, attendees will explore the impact on spirits distribution operations. On-demand, $5.

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Warehouse Management: Where’s My Whiskey?

The logistics and data entry of spirits warehouse management can seem tedious, but if you want to be able to find and profit from your whiskey, then you’ll need a streamlined system. In this webinar led by Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, attendees will be guided through the ins and outs of warehouse management. On-demand, $5.

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Enzyme Applications in Distilling

Every distiller cares deeply about their product, so wouldn’t it be nice to get more of it out of every batch? In this webinar led by DuPont’s Andrew Fratianni, attendees will have the chance to look under the veil of enzyme applications in distilling. On-demand, $5.

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How to Create a Distillery Destination

Gone are the days where a distillery is just a place of production – now it’s a destination. In this webinar led by Contagious UK’s Jason Dobson and Jason Milne, attendees will learn everything to consider when developing a visitor experience. On-demand, $5.

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Managing Your Costs During A Pandemic

When the belts must tighten, it becomes even more crucial to be aware of exactly how much it takes to produce and what your true profit margins are.  In this webinar led by Time & Tasks’ Donald Snyder, attendees will get back to the basics of cost management. On-demand, $5.

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Opening A Distillery Post-Pandemic

It’s 2020 and you’ve decided you’re finally ready to follow your lifelong dream of launching a distillery. Then the unimaginable happens – a pandemic strikes. In this webinar led by Thoroughbred Spirits Group’s Scott Schiller, attendees will explore what it means to start a distillery in the world’s current climate. On-demand, $5.

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Looking for something a little more hands on? View our selection of in-person courses, here.

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Founded in 2012, Moonshine University is the nation’s premier educational distillery. Our facility was created from the ground up to teach new distillers how to get started in the industry, and to teach professional team members how to elevate key aspects of their craft and boost sales. Combining classroom instruction with practical, hands-on learning and sensory training, Moonshine University attracts people from all over the world, ensuring every attendee leaves with a complete and comprehensive education and skill set applicable to a variety of spirits and industry related areas.

In 2013, The Kentucky Distillers’ Association made Moonshine University their exclusive education provider. With the support of some of the industry’s leading institutions and distilleries, you can be sure that taking a class at Moonshine University will be worth the investment.

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