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Whisk(e)y Workshop


Become a whiskey connoisseur with this two-day intermediate workshop examining everything whiskey! We’ll cover a wide variety of classifications – including Irish, Scotch, Canadian, American, and even new craft whiskeys made from non-traditional grains – detailing the individual distillate components and production processes for each, standards of identity, and relationship to other whiskeys.

Students will also receive an in-depth understanding of whiskey production, including malting, smoking, mashing, fermenting, traditional and alternative aging techniques, and making cuts. Hands-on, small-scale product development with table-top distillation allows participants to experiment further with these processes before moving onto the larger equipment in our distillery. Finally, we’ll return to our roots by examining the history of whiskey, before discussing the best ways to guide consumers through an informative and engaging sensory evaluation of this versatile spirit.

This course is taught by Matt Strickland, Head Distiller at Distillerie Cote des Saints and Founding Distiller of District Distilling Co.

Tuition includes all class materials; breakfast, lunch, and refreshments; an invite to First Round at The Brown networking event; and transportation between our contracted hotel and our campus. $1,995

**Early Bird Registration covers your stay at our contracted hotel from the night before Day 1 to the last day of class.


  • Classroom Instruction
  • Product development and tabletop distillation
  • Hands-on production training in the distillery
  • Sensory training and analysis

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