Fermentation Workshop – February 21-22, 2019


INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Pat Heist and Moonshine University instructors

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Fermentation is the conversion of sugars into alcohol. In this business, alcohol = money. The success of your finished product relies on the efficiency of the fermentation process. Moonshine University is proud to present this class in conjunction with Wilderness Trail Distillery and Ferm Solutions.

  • Are you converting all your available sugars?
  • Are your yeast happy in the environment you’ve created for them?
  • Is bacteria winning the war in your fermentation tank?
  • Do your yeast grow lethargic and die off before the job is done?
  • Are you getting the optimal yield from every set?

Take your product to the next level with this in-depth examination of the fermentation process with one of the country’s leading specialists, Dr. Pat Heist of Ferm Solutions and Wilderness Trail Distillery.


Day 1:

  • Fermentation overview
  • Feedstock (sources of sugar) and associated factors
  • Milling and how it relates to fermentation
  • Cooking and conversion
  • Sweet mash versus sour mash
  • Saccharification
  • Microbiology of yeast and methods for propagation
  • Fermentation ingredients and limiting factors
  • Biochemistry of fermentation (how yeast makes ethanol)
  • Monitoring fermentation (testing methods)
  • Equipment
  • Sanitation

Day 2:

  • Cultivation and consistency of yeast
  • Outside variables effecting the fermentation
  • Bacterial fermentation
  • Infections of fermentation
  • Troubleshooting the fermentation
  • Lab specs and micro of the fermentation


  • Observation of the three stages of the yeast cycle (respiration, fermentation, sedimentation)
  • Pitch their own fermentation to observe later during the course
  • Observing and lab specs on a known fermentation started previous to course
  • Yeast counting, viability and budding observations
  • Troubleshooting/diagnosing known contaminated fermentations


“If you have too much sugars left over after fermentation, it’s like payin’ too much for breakfast: You got ripped off.” -Dr. Pat Heist, Chief Scientific Officer at Ferm Solutions, Wilderness Trail Distillery, Esteemed Faculty Member at Moonshine University, Bio-Chem Humorist and Speaker of Truths

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