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Route To Market Workshop – May 26-27, 2016

INSTRUCTORS: John Hudson, Scott Reid, Dave Scott, Paul Tuell, and Moonshine University instructors

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Check-in date: 5/25/16, check-out date: 5/27/16


Which comes first: the product or the brand? In this two-day workshop, you will study the considerations and strategies for building your brand, taking your product to market, and planning for growth in the future. This class is entirely focused on the business, branding, and marketing of your brand and line of products. You will learn how to think long term so that you and your brand are successful while maximizing growth opportunities. From spirit trend analysis to distributor selection, you will come away with the key strategies to build brand loyalty and sustain your business.

Permit in hand and equipment in place, you’re ready to become the next great distilling legend. But how do you go from the still to the shelf, and more importantly into the consumer’s hands? This path to market can be fraught with peril and ripe with opportunity. Our panel of industry veterans will guide you through three distinct phases of the journey.

This two day class, presented by an impressive panel of industry insiders, offers attendees deep insight into each step of this critical process. Hard won insights, real-life examples, interactive case studies and invaluable resources will help guide the way down this all-important path to market.


DAY 01:

  • Classifications & Type Definition
  • Identifying Spirit Trends & Segments
  • Selection
  • Brand Identity & Packaging

DAY 02:

  • Selling Strategy
  • Commercializing Your Brand & Product
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Developing The Brand Toolkit
  • Distributor Selection & Presentation
  • Managing the Marketplace



Where will you choose to compete? What trends offer a glimpse of the future? What resonates with your consumer? Answering these questions is critical and involves gathering and evaluating data from disparate sources and developing a strategy that will not only meet rising consumer demand, but separate your brand in a highly competitive marketplace.


Your identity is more than a logo or an icon, or a picture of a pretty copper still. At least it better be! It’s your whole story and every way the consumer touches or interacts with it. Your most valuable asset, this brand is what aligns you with your customer’s desires and helps you create a uniquely ownable place in the market. Every decision you make, from packaging choices to point-of-sale merchandise, retail environments, websites and social media, creates opportunities to enrich your brand and define its unique selling proposition.


Fantastic product well suited to the emerging market – Check. Distinctive branding that speaks to the consumer – Check. Congratulations, but the heavy lifting isn’t done! Without an effective sales and distribution strategy, all of this can be for naught. That means knowing how to approach and secure distributors and retailers who will be passionate about your brand, and how to work with them to help manage the marketplace. Part art and part science, commercialization means building a sales tool kit that will get your product on the shelf and keep it there.

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