Whisk(e)y Workshop – June 20-21, 2019


INSTRUCTORS: Matt Strickland and Moonshine University instructors

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Register by May 30, 2019 for 2 nights at the Brown Hotel included with tuition.
Check-in date: 6/19/19, check-out date: 6/21/19


This two-day intermediate course examines a selection of whisk(e)y classifications including Irish, Scotch, Canadian, American whiskeys, and new craft whiskies that feature non-traditional grains. For each category, instruction includes thorough analysis of the individual components of the distillate and production process, standards of identity, and the product’s relationship to other whiskeys. Instruction is designed to provide an in-depth understanding and practice of whisk(e)y production, including malting, smoking, mashing, fermenting, and making cuts. Small-scale product development with table-top distillation allows participants to experiment with the process before moving on to the larger equipment in the distillery. Traditional and alternative aging techniques are also covered.

Class size will be limited to 15 attendees to ensure ample opportunity for hands-on learning.


  • Classroom Instruction
  • Product development and tabletop distillation
  • Hands-on production training in distillery
  • Sensory training and analysis


To examine the styles, analyze the components, and practice the methods so that students can develop a unique, balanced whisk(e)y product.


  • Students will gain a technical working knowledge of distilling equipment used in the various styles of whisk(e)y.
  • Students will understand methods of malting and smoking in order to apply it to their own products.
  • Students will practice developing an original mash bill and experiment with product development within the specifications of the whisk(e)y category.
  • Students will learn how to apply aging and/or alternative aging techniques to finish their own whisk(e)y.

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