Fermentation Workshop

Perfect your fermentation process with Dr. Pat Heist of Wilderness Trail Distillery and FermSolutions.

Start Your Distillery With Our 6-Day Distiller Course

Moonshine University’s 6-Day Distiller Course is the most comprehensive distilling education in the world.

Who is Luis Ayala? 5-Day Rum Course Instructor

Luis Ayala is an educator, CEO, writer and rum expert.

Luis Ayala On The Future Of The Rum Industry

Luis Ayala, President of The Rum University, CEO of Rum Central talks on the bright future of the rum industry.

Luis Ayala Talks 5-Day Rum Course

Whether you’re a seasoned distiller or a newbie to the industry, enrich your understanding of rum with our 5-Day Rum Course.

Spirits Trends 2020 – Flavor and Adventure

The 2020 spirits forecast is shaping up to be focused on flavor and adventure.

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