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Wave 3 News: Moonshine University offers education in distilling

There’s no shortage of distilleries opening up in WAVE Country, and around the country.  Some of the people behind these distilleries are getting their education in Louisville, at a place called Moonshine University.

We consider ourselves the home of distilling, said David Dafoe, the founder of Moonshine University.  We thought Moonshine University should be right here.

It’s located on the campus of his main company called Flavorman, which creates drinks for companies.

Dafoe said he determined there was a need for such a place while attending a seminar.

I realized in the three-day convention they were having there was nowhere to go in the United States to learn how to be a craft distillery,” Dafoe said.  “How to start one, operate it, sell a product.

That’s exactly what Moonshine University does over a week-long course.

Nearly 500 people from 27 countries and 45 states have gone through the course.  They get to learn about the machinery and what goes into making spirits.

A remarkable 133 graduates have gone on to open their own distilleries, including in Louisville: Peerless, Jeptha Creed and Copper & Kings.

In the most recent class, one of the attendees was Hall of Fame Goaler Ed Belfour, who played for the Chicago Blackhawks and Dallas Stars.

I always had an interest in different whiskeys and bourbons, Belfour said.

Belfour and his son, also a retired hockey player, and his daughter plan to open a distillery in Little Elm, Texas this fall.

We’re going to produce probably six different types of whiskeys.  And we’ll do two rums, two to three types of gins, vodka, Belfour said.

The father and son say Moonshine University is helping them learn the business.

We’ve been here a day and a half, Belfour said.  Just the energy and element in the room, it’s ecstatic,

While the Belfour’s plan to keep and sell what they make, that’s one thing Moonshine University does not do.  Everything is tossed.

We get to taste a little for research and development, Dafoe said with a laugh.

Moonshine University also offers one, two and three day classes a few times a year.

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