Sensory Workshop

Course Overview

Discover the skills required to take your products to the next level of consistency and quality in this hands-on course. Attendees will benefit from a 2-day program focused on the use of sensory analysis methods in distillate production, product development, and quality control.

With tastings set up throughout the class, you’ll get the full sensory experience as you examine the variety of flavors and aromas found in whiskey, rum, gin, and more. You’ll also gain key insights into how sensory features are affected by each stage of production, maturation, filtration, and bottling. In addition to learning and applying a range of advanced sensory techniques, you’ll also have the know how to detect off notes or “faults” that can occur at various points through production, along with how to set up QA/QC programs for your facility.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll walk away with the knowledge and skill set needed to confidently sniff out problems and opportunities in your own distillery, troubleshoot potential quality issues and implement solutions that may end up saving your next production from disaster.

Who This Class Is For

Whether you’re a seasoned distiller or newbie to the business, this class is for anyone who has or is planning to open and/or operate a distillery; production team members (distillers, blenders, tasters, and lab technicians); or anyone else seeking to refine their knowledge of spirits and sensory analysis. This class would also serve any advanced spirits enthusiast looking to take their skills to the next level.


Your Instructors

This class is taught by Colin Blake, Director of Spirits Education at Moonshine University and Clay Smith, Operations Manager and Head Distiller at Moonshine University. Colin & Clay represent more than 30 years of industry training in both production and all aspects of spirits production


What You’ll Learn

In addition to gaining valuable insights on sensory analysis, product development, and quality control, we’ll take an in-depth look at:

  • Sensory Analysis & Methodology;
  • Sensory for Production of Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, and Other Spirits
  • Distillate Evaluation;
  • Aroma & Flavor Development;
  • Applications to Production & Product Development;
  • Detecting & Correcting Off Notes/Flaws;
  • Developing Sensory Quality Control Programs;
  • And More!


Get Your Class On

Tuition includes all class materials; breakfast, lunch, and refreshments, and transportation between our contracted hotel and our campus. $1,995

**Early Bird Registration covers your stay at our contracted hotel from the night before Day 1 to the last day of class. The Early Bird deadline is 4 weeks before the first day of class


About Moonshine University

Founded in 2012, Moonshine University is the nation’s premier educational distillery. Our facility was created from the ground up to teach new distillers how to get started in the industry, and to teach professional team members how to elevate key aspects of their craft and boost sales. Combining classroom instruction with practical, hands-on learning and sensory training, Moonshine University attracts people from all over the world, ensuring every attendee leaves with a complete and comprehensive education and skill set applicable to a variety of spirits and industry related areas.

In 2013, The Kentucky Distillers’ Association made Moonshine University their exclusive education provider. With the support of some of the industry’s leading institutions and distilleries, you can be sure that taking a class at Moonshine University will be worth the investment.

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